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Life in the Shtetl Up Until the Holocaust

Shtetl in Hebrew
Chapter 11
From: The Morris Atlas Memoirs
Born in 1897, Moshe Atlasowicz left Radzilow (located 14 miles to the north of Wizna) in 1912. His memoirs and subsequent interview include fascinating descriptions of his family life in Radzilow at the beginning of the 20th century and the factors that influenced him and members of his family to leave. Chapter 11 deals with a visit to Wizna.
Urke Nachalnik, Article 1 - Overview
Urke Nachalnik, Article 2 - WWII Resistance

Urke Nachalnik, Article 3 - Literary Life
Urke Nachalnik, Article 4 - Polin Article
Urke Nachalnik, Article 5 - Autobiographical Book Excerpt
Urke Nachalnik, Photos
Fascinating accounts of Polish gangster Urke Nachalnik (born Icek Farberowicz in Wizna in 1897, to a wealthy family), whose life took a rebellious turn after his father's 2nd marriage. Urke went from Yeshiva boy, to a criminal, and then, to a self-made author who was famous in his time and made a good living at it. And finally, to his heroic end, in underground activities against the Germans, in Otwock, Poland. He was caught derailing Nazi trains, and killed as a result. His books and stories were published in several languages, and made into theater plays and newspaper serial stories. Likewise, numerous books and articles about Polish gangsters have included sections about Urke.
Most of the photos are shown in public for the first time ever.
Letters Written From Wizna - Coming Soon
Letters written before the Holocaust
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