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The Tragic Events of the Holocaust

References to Wizna in the Jedwabne Yizkor Book
Jedwabne, located only 7 miles to the north of Wizna, shared a close relationship with Wizna, both family and business-wise. 40 families from Wizna fled to Jedwabne during the Wizna pogroms, only to be killed in there.
List of Wizna Families killed in Jedwabne on July 10, 1941
40 Families fled Wizna and went to Jedwabne, only to be murdered there on July 10, 1941.
Battle of Wizna, 1939
The Battle of Wizna was fought between September 6 and September 10, 1939, between the forces of Poland and Germany during the initial stages of Invasion of Poland.
Video of Prayers At The Holocaust Monument in Jedwabne
Presided over by Rabbi Michael Schudrich, Chief Rabbi of Poland
Holocaust Survivors
Israel Lewin and Family
Born in Wizna; Survived in the nearby village of Zanklewo
Avigdor Kochav (Nielawicki)
Born in Wizna; Survived in Jedwabne

Yad Vashem Memorial
Pictures and information about the Memorial located in Jerusalem.
Memorial Stone on Mount Zion, Jerusalem
Picture and translation of the Memorial Stone on Mount Zion, Jerusalem.