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General Information

Please contact me if you have connections to Wizna, and I don't already know about you.
I have a lot more material and information about Wizna families that is not online.
If your family was from Wizna or you had branches in this town,
I will surely have additional data and actual records for many of your ancestors and relatives.

Location: In the former Lomza Gubernia, near the northeastern border of Poland
Distance from important shtetls in the area:
6.7 miles SSE of Jedwabne; 7.2 miles NNW of Rutki;
12.5 miles E of Lomza; 13.8 miles S of Radzilow;
15.0 miles SE of Stawiski; 15.4 miles SW of Trzcianne;
15.9 miles NNE of Zambrow; 16.5 miles W of Tykocin;
19.6 miles NE of Sniadowo; 25.5 miles S of Szczuczyn
Coordinates: 53 12'N / 22 23'E
Latitude: 53.2000 Longitude: 22.3833
Altitude: 393 feet (119 meters)
Currently in Podlaskie Province, Lomzynski District (which includes 9 counties: Jedwabne, Lomza, Miastkowo, Nowogrod, Piatnica, Przytuly, Sniadowo, Wizna and Zbojna)
Other Information:
The town had a population of 714 Jewish residents in 1921.
Spellings include Wisneh, Visna; Pronounced: Vizhna
Some information from: Where Once We Walked. A Guide to the Destroyed Communities of the Holocaust, by Gary Mokotoff and Sallyann Amdur Sack. Published by Avotaynu, Inc., Teaneck, New Jersey, 1991.


New Section: Wizna videos
Urke Nachalnik - Five articles (including autobiographical excerpts) and photos about the legendary Polish gangster, born in Wizna, who went on to have a successful literary career and was heroic in resistance against the Germans
Book about the tragic events of the Holocaust in the nearby towns of Radzilow and Jedwabne. originally in Polish, due out in English in 2012. Over 40 families from Wizna were murdered in Jedwabne. Contains small sections about Wizna and interviews with Wizna Holocaust survivors Kohav and Lewin. Contact for information; Radzilow excerpt
Aerial and panoramic views of Town Square

Population Statistics:
Percentage of Jews:
From: Pinkas Hakehilot: Poland - Vol. IV, Warszawa and its Region; Yad Vashem
Year Total Population Number of Jews %
1765 ? 75 ----
1857 1,861 492 26%
1808 1,241 205 17%
1827 1,766 390 22%
1857 1,861 492 26%
1890 2,984 567 19%
1921 2,670 714 27%
It is located on top of a hill, in a heavily-wooded area, along a path behind some farmhouses. Heavy brush covers the few remaining gravestones.

Wizna Gmina:
Information About Wizna Gmina
The administrative unit governing Wizna and the surrounding area
Current Statistics About the Wizna Rural District:
Population: 5,150
Area: 137 square kilometers
Population Density:  38 people per square kilometer
Percentage of Urban Population:   %
Percentage of Rural Population:   %
Current Chief Officer of Wizna Gmina: Jan Olszewski
Current Council Chairman: Kazimierz Ptaszynski
Current Chief Councillor: Krzysztof Dobronski
Contact me for addresses and phone numbers
Other Sources of Information About Wizna:
GUM 3, GUM4, GUM5, GUM6 (Guide to Unpublished Materials of the Holocaust Period;
Yad Vashem Archival Material)
JGFF (Jewish Genealogical Family Finder)
LDS (Latter-day Saints Family History Library Locality Catalog)
PHP4 (Pinkas Hakehillot: Poland - Vol. IV, Warszawa and its Region)
SF (Shtetl Finder)
From: Where Once We Walked. A Guide to the Destroyed Communities of the Holocaust, by Gary Mokotoff and Sallyann Amdur Sack. Published by Avotaynu, Inc., Teaneck, New Jersey, 1991.

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