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Wizna Cemetery

Wizna Cemetery,
ca 1910-1915
Meishe Guzikiewicz,
his daughter Hannah
and his nephew Nedy

Wizna Cemetery, 1937
[Right]: Raszka
Gostkowski, by the
grave of Eliyahu
Avraham Gostkowski;
woman on left unknown

Map showing location of the Wizna Jewish Cemetery.
It is located north of Witkowo, about 200 yards from
the bridge to Bialystok, on the unpaved road
along the Narew River to the small town of Rus

Top of hill behind the farm houses
is the site of the Wizna Jewish Cemetery

Restaurant on right not shown in picture. Path leading up to cemetery
is behind the shed where
Myrna Siegel is standing.

Entrance to the remains of the
Wizna Jewish Cemetery

Long hike through heavy brush to Cemetery. Guide Tomasz Wisniewski said this was the most unusual cemetery he has seen.

Shael Siegel kneeling next to partially visible headstone. Erosion throughout the years has covered most of the grave stones.

Wizna Cemetery

Wizna Cemetery

Wizna Cemetery

Wizna Cemetery
Wizna Cemetery

Gate entrance photo courtesy of Amnon Even-Kesef.
Cemetery photos courtesy of Myrna and Shael Siegel, 1995.
Gravestones photos courtesy of Jackie Wasserstein, 1995.

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