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General Information on Wizna Gmina

Wizna Gmina

Urzad Gmina w Wiznie
The Gmina Office at Wizna

(gmina = the lowest level of the administration units in Poland, equivalent to a township in America)

Plac Raginisa 35
18-430 Wizna, Poland
Phone: (+48.86) 219-60-18
E-Mail: wizna@gmina.edu.pl

Wojt (chief officer of a group of villages): Mr. Jan Olszewski

Chairman of Gmina's Council
Mr. Kazimierz Ptaszynski

General Information:



The present population of Wizna: 4,744 persons (2,364 women and 2,380 men). The present territory: 13,323 ha (hectares), including: forest and forest ground - 1,378 ha; meadows - 1,611 ha; pastures - 1,828 ha; orchards - 18 ha; ploughland (cultivated land) - 7,354 ha; the remaining area is wasteland, housing lots, railway, highway and roads area, ground under rivers and lakes and ponds.

The soil is of various quality, most of it of low grade. Corn and potatoes are grown there for the most part. Milk cows are bred, as well as pigs. Food processing plants could be welcome, as there is an abundance of local raw materials of plant and animal origin. So far only two production plants are located in the gmina of Wizna: a private bakery and an Agricultural Cooperative, serving the local farmers.


In the gmina there are 3 elementary schools: in Wizna, Rutki and Stary Bozejew, with 443 pupils and 45 teachers; 1 secondary school in Wizna (172 pupils and 16 teachers).

A tourist dormitory is located in the elementary school in Wizna (25 beds available).


Two libraries in Wizna and Bronowo and 4 book-lending points with 24,062 volumes serve the local readers (614 persons, who lend 10,395 book per year and pay 4,544 visits to the libraries and lending points - the data is for the year 2000). The libraries serve 10 titles of newspapers and magazines. Local people buy books for about 4,000 PLN in a year (USD 1,000). A local village reading room employs 1 person and is open daily (closed on Mondays) in the afternoon hours. Cultural and other events, repeated every year, are the following: St.John's night (June 24) and a September Memorial Rally (to commemorate the beginning of World War II). The First International Festival of Films about Nature was held in Wizna in the Spring of 2000. The next one will be held there in March/April of the year 2002.

The Communal Infrastructure

In the gmina of Wizna there are functioning the following: churches in Wizna and Bronowo, a health center, a local banking branch, a post-office, a pharmacy, two gas stations, 2 veterinary infirmaries, a milk-purchase point, shops and restaurants, a car repair shop, a car technical control shop.

Monuments in Wizna

St. John's Baptist Catholic Church (late gothic); a baroque belfry from the 2nd part of the 18th century; a graveyard chapel of new-classic style (1st half of the 19th century); an early-historical castle (just remains of it) from 11th-12th century. This castle (made of wood and dirt) remained in its Medieval form until the 18th century, housing the Wizna Starosty (district administration office), a first instance court and a district court.

Narew River


Recreational Grounds


Wizna is situated on the outskirts of the (so called) Green Lungs of Poland (a large forest area with two nature reservations of Bagno Wizna - Wizna Marshland and Bagno Wizna II, featuring a great variety of flora and fauna). Land close to the rivers Biebrza and Narew is to be reserved for recreational purposes. Tourist and nature values of Wizna and the vicinity are well known. Good standard rooms are offered to the tourists in agro-tourist farms. These farms are organized as Narew-Biebrza Agro-Tourist Society - LOS - (an elk), located at Wizna. The Society is active in the whole vovoidship of Lomza and its members are 43 agro-tourist farms.

The farms of Gmina Wizna offer to the tourists: from 2-5 rooms for rent at each farm household; bikes and canoes to lent; horse-carts excursions (in Summer) or sledge excursions (in Winter). The farms also offer places on camping grounds. Contact Wizna Agro-Tourist Society - LOS, phone number: (+48.86) 219-60-83.

Since there is almost no industry in Wizna and the vicinity, the area has high ecologic value and is attractive to visitors from Poland and from abroad. The beautiful nature area near the Narew and Biebrza rivers favors water sports (canoeing or angling) as well as tourist excursion on foot or by bicycle.

Commercial Offers

Office space to rent is offered in the multi-functional houses at Srebrowo, Janczewo, Zanklewo and Rutkowskie. A local Agricultural Cooperative in Wizna owns an office building with a large conference hall. The building could be rented for production, service, amusement and other purposes.

Local Investments

The biggest investment, planned in Wizna for the next few years, is a sewage-cleaning plant and a sewage system to be built there. This investment should be finished by the end of 2002. Water supply of villages is to be continued, as well as the modernization of roads in the gmina and powiat (district). First contact have been made to promote the construction of a telecommunications center in Gmina Wizna.

Translated from:http://www.wizna.gmina.edu.pl
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