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  K A U N A S,  L I T H U A N I A  



German troops advance towards Kovno. The sign in the photograph reads, Kaunas (Kovno), 98 kilometers.


Smoke from German shelling
billows over the city of Kovno,
June 22-25, 1941




Order #1" as printed in the Lithuanian Activist Front newspaper I
Laisve [To freedom], July 28, 1941. Credit: Lithuanian Central State Archives, Vilnius
Order No. 1
1. The Jewish population is not allowed to walk on the sidewalk. Jews are to walk single file on the right side of the street.
2. The Jewish population is not allowed walk on the promenades and are not allowed in any public parks. Likewise, the Jewish population is not allowed to sit on public benches.
3. The Jewish population is not allowed to use any public transportation such as taxis, coaches, buses, boats, and similar vehicles of transportation. The proprietors and owners of all public vehicles of transportation must post a visible notice on the vehicle stating: "Jews Not Permitted."
4. Any violations of these orders will be severely punished.
5. These orders are to be enforced as of today. SA-Colonel Hans Cramer, City Commissioner


German soldiers tearing down a border post,
June 22, 1941









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