ANNOUNCEMENT: Vital records for most towns in the district are in the process of being translated and released to members. See "Record Inventory" section for years involved.



The goal of the Trakai District Research Group project is to acquire and translate records such as census lists, revision and family lists, and other miscellaneous documents from towns in the Trakai District. The Trakai District (or Uyezd) is in the Province (Gubernia) of Vilnius. Therefore, most of the lists which have already been translated, as well as those to be translated in the future, are from the Vilnius State Historical Archives (LVIA) in Lithuania.


There are 16 towns (shtetlach) in the Trakai District, as well as several villages with Jewish communities so small that they are integrated with the Jewish communities of larger surrounding towns. Because our Jewish ancestors were migratory through need or nature, they tended to be born in one town, to be registered in another, and to live in a third or more, as they grew up, married, and eventually emigrated. The Trakai District Research Group strives to collect all available data from Jewish towns and hamlets in Trakai that existed in the 19th and 20th centuries, literally following the trails of our forebears.


Many steps are involved in the journey of a document from the LVIA to your computer. Once a list has been ordered for translation, it is assigned to a translator fluent in Russian, Lithuanian and English. The 19th century documents are in Russian/Cyrillic, while the 20th century records are frequently in the Lithuanian language. Upon completion of the English translation, the file then comes to me, the Trakai District Coordinator, for proofing and verifying the translations. An added element unique to the Trakai lists is the assembling of translated files into multi-sorted Excel spreadsheets, enabling researchers to view the data alphabetically by surname, by town and surname, or chronologically by household.

All data is distributed to qualified members of the group. The final destination of translated documents is the LitvakSIG All Lithuania Database (ALD), where the records become accessible in a searchable database to researchers world-wide, about 18 months or so after the initial distribution to group members. To become a qualifying member of the group, a minimum donation of $100 is required. All contributions are tax-deductible as provided by law and made directly to LitvakSIG, a non-profit organization. See new contribution rules effective January 1, 2012

The more funds we have at our disposal, the faster I can proceed with new acquisitions to further the objectives of the group.

For additional information, please contact me.

Trakai District Research Group Coordinator


Jewish Population

Jewish Population
(Pre-WWII) ^

  Alytus 1234 (1900) 1715  
  Aukstadvaris 194 (1888)
230 (1941)
  Butrimonys 1919 (1897)
943 (1923)
  Darsuniskis 120 (1923) --  
  Daugai 511 (1900) 363  
  Druskininkai 636 (1897) 294  
  Jieznas 170 (1866) 286  
  Kaisiadorys 317 (1897)
659 (1921)
  Lentvaris -- --  
  Merkine 1900 (1900) 1430  
  Nemunaitis 361 (1897)
142 (1923)
  Punia 202 (1866) --  
  Ratnycia -- 24  
  Rudiskes -- --  
  Stakliskes 808 (1897)
391 (1923)
  Trakai 1112 (1900) 300  
  Valkininkai 1126 (1897)
798 (1925)
  Varena 1473 (1900) 399  
  Vievis 647 (1900) 304  
  Zasliai 1325 (1900) 1067  
  Ziezmariai 1628 (1900) 1205  

* Source: JewishGen

^ Source: Where Once We Walked; Many figures  taken from "Black Book of Localities Whose Jewish Population Was Exterminated By the Nazis, Yad Vashem, 1965


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